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St Peter's CE Primary Academy

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The Trust's vision is for the growth of thriving learning communities in all of our schools, that provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Christian values and service are at the heart of all we do, as we help young people to develop excitement in learning.


St. Peter's offers us the opportunity to work alongside the architects and builders, to plan exactly the right learning environment to provide a curriculum that delivers that vision.

The curriculum will be relevant, meaningful, enjoyable and personalised for the individual. All children will have equal opportunity to access and benefit from a curriculum that will enable them to make informed decisions and choices in their lives and become responsible participants in their community and society.


We would create an environment that would make them highly motivated learners; to embrace our ethos; to progress their learning through curiosity and creativity; to be happy; to value and respect themselves, others and their environment; to be equipped with life skills for the modern world; and to strive to give their best academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


For more information on the nature of our curriculum, including coverage in maths and English, click here.

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