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St Peter's CE Primary Academy. Protocols: As soon as you communicate to us that your child is required to self-isolate or stay away from school for COVID related reasons, our remote learning protocols begin.

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St Peter's

CE Primary Academy

Strive Beyond; Defy Limits


Welcome to St. Peter's CE Primary Academy. We are one of a number of brand new schools to have opened in September 2018. We began life in our custom built facility with three teachers, three teaching assistants and three classrooms. The vision and experience of our small staff has made the mammoth undertaking of opening a new school extremely positive. Indeed, we have already grown to eight classes and pupil numbers have tripled in the space of 24 months. The best indicator of our success, however, is the happy and settled children who are already engaging well with the broad and challenging curriculum at St. Peter's. 


I feel extremely humble that parents have displayed such trust in the St Peter’s Team and would like to thank them for believing in our vision for the school. With hard work and continued support from all stakeholders, we will see a school in which children love learning and thrive academically by developing a rich tapestry of core skills and competencies.


For more information about our vision and values, please watch the video below, peruse our website or look out for future open events at the school, where you will have the opportunity to explore the classrooms, facilities and grounds.


Best wishes,


Mr. Martindale


St Peter's Video Prospectus