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St Peter's CE Primary Academy. Protocols: As soon as you communicate to us that your child is required to self-isolate or stay away from school for COVID related reasons, our remote learning protocols begin.

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Summer Challenges

Summer Challenges - 2021

 It goes without saying that 2020-2021 has been an extremely challenging academic year. We want our children to enjoy the summer holidays and have an exceedingly well earned break! Following the recent parents evening and the pupil's annual reports, several parents have asked about support for reading, writing and maths during the summer holidays. Below are some year group specific activities designed by the teachers at St. Peter's to be fun, accessible, yet focused on the core curriculum. My highlights include playing Yahtzee, going on a number hunt, and writing a postcard to St. Peter's, and I will certainly be using some of the ideas with my own daughter. Again, no pressure; they are there if you want them.