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St Peter's CE Primary Academy. Protocols: As soon as you communicate to us that your child is required to self-isolate or stay away from school for COVID related reasons, our remote learning protocols begin.

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September 2021 - Reception Starters

We are delighted that you are choosing to send your child to St. Peter’s CE Primary Academy in September 2021.  The whole staffing team are looking forward to meeting with you soon so that we can start this wonderful educational journey together. 


We know from experience that children feel a range of emotions when confronted with the prospect of starting school. Traditionally, we plan a programme to support their transition which involves visiting the school, meeting the staff, time in the classroom (with and without you); all of which are designed to allay any anxieties and fears that your child may have. My colleagues and I intend on achieving the same outcome in spite of the current COVID-19 restrictions. We promise that we will make the transition as smooth as possible for our new children. Indeed, we plan on doing as much face-to-face transition work as possible.


 Please click this link and share the video with your children to give them a sense of their new school! In addition to this virtual experience, the school will be hosting tours for small groups of parents on Wednesday 23rd June, and children are welcome to join us for one of the play-and-stay session on 7th July. Please contact the school office to book your place.


 As part of the adapted parental induction (following the postponement of COVID restrictions being lifted), please sit back and enjoy this presentation from our EYFS teachers for September 2021, Miss Hooper and Miss Evans. The content of this video replaces the talk that was scheduled for 23rd June.



EYFS Parental Induction - September 2021 Cohort

An introduction to Miss Hooper