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St Peter's building work is 'right on track'

Ollie Martindale will lead St Peter's C of E Primary Academy when it opens up on the new estate at the top of Devizes Road.

He's only been in post officially for a couple of weeks and has told Spire FM he's 'excited' about what the future holds.

"It is exciting, from the building, to the staff, to the children, to the curriculum. What's brilliant is that we get to put our mark on absolutely everything."

The building work's been ongoing for a few months now and Mr Martindale has told Spire FM things are right on track:

"Touch wood, we are ahead of schedule on pretty much everything. The outside of the building's done, inside the plastering's done, the carpets are about to go down, the wiring's in, so it really is just the fixtures and fittings. I don't want to jinx anything by giving you a date, but we're looking good for something before the summer holidays."

Once completed, St Peter's will have 14 classrooms and plenty of other facilities, such as an assembly hall, drama studio, cookery room, sports field and a multi-use games area.

The school will eventually be surrounded by 1,500 houses as part of the new St Peter's Place estate, and Ollie says that means it's important that they're a strong part of the area they're in:

"Having personally lived on two new build estates, the school has to be at the centre of the community. There are groups that exist already and the school has representatives on those, so as the community grows, the school will grow and vice versa."

The school says the response to their opening has been great, and demand for pupil places and staff roles is going really well.

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